Thursday, 6 March 2014

Recess Race Announced!

This week has seen a big step for the deranged hermit and his friends. It is my pleasure to announce our game, Recess Race!

Many Hands Make Light Work

I've been working on Recess Race for months (as some of you know...). I've done several prototypes, and gone through many design transitions as a result. But, when I felt I had the final design down, Serendipity played her part and a team fell into my lap! I am working with Will from Temp8 and Richard-Bananas now, and after one month of production, we're already nearly done the alpha.

It is wonderful to work with other people, especially if those people are fun, intelligent, hard-working and like-minded. I recommend, to any of you lone indies reading this blog, find someone to work with whose skills differ from your own, but who shares similar goals. And trust fate! If you happen to meet someone who vaguely fits this description, do not hesitate! Pounce upon them and never let go.

Concept art: in-game "screenshot" mock-up

So... What IS Recess Race?

Recess Race is a 2D platformer racing game. It takes place at an elementary school, where the administration has organised a race event with the ulterior motive of cleaning up the yard. The participating children must race to the finish, all the while picking up as much trash as possible. But, the other racers are bullies! If you get too close, they'll beat you up or call you names.

Recess Race is a game that comes from the very depths of my soul. It has spawned from a tortured elementary school experience, where I was bullied more than anyone enrolled (in my head at least). I had to cope somehow, and that how was video games (and my awesome family). No matter how badly people treated me, I knew I could go home at the end of the day and play a video game. I could have an impact! I could use my skills to do some good. Whether that 'good' was rescuing a princess, getting food back from the malicious Dedede, or smiting the Maverick leader Sigma, I was responsible.

In-game screenshot! Pinky is this alternate universe's Kirby

I bring elements of these games into Recess Race. Mario Kart-style power ups include: booger armour that give you a Megaman X wall jump; a dapper tail coat which allows you to glide as in many Mario games; and a magic hat that allows you to float-jump like Kirby.

Next step: pre-alpha web release!

In the next week we're going to have a playable pre-alpha version on our website. If you would like to keep abreast of our activity, you may follow me on Twitter: @derangedhermits, or find Recess Race on Facebook here.

More news forthcoming! 

Thanks for reading. Until next time...
Stay strong, stalwart stewards.

-mysteriosum(the deranged hermit)