Thursday, 17 April 2014

Recess Race: Updates coming soon!

Recess Race development is coming along. We released the first open beta at the start of the month, and it has revealed a few (big) flaws the game currently has. We are happy to say we know exactly what they are and how to fix them.

One of the big issues we have with the game is conveyance. Specifically, the method I tried to use to convey the controls has not been working, so (a) new one(s) must be implemented. For now, know this: press Z to jump and X to use items! These will also be customisable in the next version.

 Another feature we're adding is letter grading for each level. Depending on your performance (placement, style, garbage collected), you'll receive a letter grade from F to S+. F for FUN!

So, keep update so as not to miss a thing! Prove this bully wrong!

Thanks for reading. Until next time...

Stay powerful, lithe hunter.
-mysteriosum(the deranged hermit)

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Recess Race: Get ready...

A little while ago I wrote about how awesome having a team is. Having more talented, dedicated people divides production times immensely. Well, now we're releasing something, and it's because of those same people that it was possible!

Temp8 is the company of my buddy Will Farr, who is the artist for the game I'm working on, Recess Race. Hopefully you've both heard of it! He's been awesome, and so has our programmer, Richard Rail, who developed an entire ai for the bullies of Recess Race (calculating how to get perfectly from one end of the level to the other - not too shabby!).

I will be updating more, soon, with a build of the game! We're going into open beta, and we really need your help. We also have a survey that we hope you'll take the time to fill. It will help us figure out what to prioritize in the development in the game. Though the game is very close to my heart, I would like to get feedback from you guys to know what aspects of the game I should focus on in the spilling of my guts!

Thanks for reading. You guys are awesome.

Keep fighting, noble soldier.

-mysteriosum(the deranged hermit)