Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Second First Devlog Post

Well, here we are. A new devlog.

I suppose I've gotten over the emotional trauma of separating from my partner, and our would-be company, Fabulam Games. Now, it's time for me to start writing my future, my way!

A couple of things. Yes, the Deranged Hermit moniker is taken from Magic: The Gathering (I know you were thinking it!). I have been known as mysteriosum on the internet for a long time (because was taken when I was 13 or whatever).

So that's why I'm mysteriosum (the deranged hermit).

No-caps is fun, and mysterious. See what I did there?

As this post is inaugural, I will not post any information about the development of my projects, but instead simple background information.

My most advanced project at the moment is Recess Race. It's a hybrid kart-racer / platformer game. It's representational of my experience in elementary having been bullied (like, a lot). So, the other racers in the game bully you, and you've gotta deal with it. By being better. No - by being the best.

My other project is wildly different. It hasn't got a name at the moment, because the main character is based on The Martian Manhunter from DCU, and I don't have the rights to that IP (but I'm going to try to get it!). Essentially, it's a Stealth Tactics Metroidvania. More on that soon (ie in 10 minutes).

If you read this bland intro post, I am most grateful!

Be astral, star child.

-mysteriosum (the deranged hermit)

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